Building Trust in Customer Relations

A common frustration clients tell us is how their customers are uncomfortable with their junior staff. “The client wants me,” one senior executive laments, “in every meeting, to handle every situation. How can we grow if I’m the only one the client feels comfortable with? I can’t be everywhere at once.”

Elevating the skills of junior employees is a serious and critical goal for every organization. It is one that not only affects client retention. It also impacts employee retention. Center Stage improves employee self-confidence by providing a process the junior employee can depend upon for every, single client encounter – from telephone calls to informal and formal meetings. New and younger employees are the lifeblood of an organization. The challenge is to amp up their performance level as quickly as possible so that your customers prefer working with them.

When clients are comfortable with all your staff, they are more likely to remain loyal. When junior employees feel appreciated and engaged, they, too, report more job satisfaction.