Client Events

Inviting clients to attend programs, seminars, conferences, and other events is the ideal time to put your best foot forward with a little razzle-dazzle for your clients. The payoff is new business, increased loyalty, improved client retention, and new referrals. Client events showcase leadership, key employees, and company expertise. They provide your clients with a reason to engage that breaks up routine and can create a deeper bond between you and your clients.

The challenges are that such events are time-consuming and costly to execute well. You will want to make sure all your effort is worth the investment. One avoidable pitfall is spending too much of your budget on technology such as staging, lighting, and audio-visual support while neglecting your team.

You must not assume that your team will be spot on with their presentations and other communication. It’s important, too, if you’re hiring outside professional speakers, to recognize your own folks need to be just as good as the outsiders. The good news is that with Center Stage they can be!

Client events are a form of theater. Our clients use Center Stage to make sure that their team is well prepared to create an impactful event. Once the speakers have participated in Center Stage, companies apply the program’s theatrical concepts to all aspects of planning. This includes how the speakers deliver information and structure their content. It also includes how organizers stage a room, implementing the theater techniques that Center Stage is noted for.

To educate an audience, you must engage them. Center Stage provides the knowledge so often missing and ensures that your clients walk away from your event with smiles on their faces, trusting you even more, and ready to do more business.