Being gorgeous helps.

That is, when you want to be Center Stage and hold audience attention. Most of us are not quite so gorgeous as Salvatore Ferragamo, CEO of the 5-star Tuscan hotel and winery Il Borro. Yes, he is a member of the famous Italian leather company.

When he walked on stage where I snapped this photo off the jumbo screen, 2,000 women in the audience gasped. Tall, beautifully groomed, and blessed with sparkling eyes, Salvatore had the room’s attention. He charmingly told a self-deprecating story of jumping on a tractor during the property’s renovations only to inadvertently put it in reverse with both hilarious and disastrous results.

He was great, but what about the rest of us more normal mortals? How can we compete against those with better looks, more money, funnier stories, or whatever else it is that we feel we lack?

Only one way: Discover your own special gifts, appreciate them, and cultivate them courageously to serve yourself and others in equal measure.

Caveat: Your gifts aren’t always what you think.

Discovering your gifts is one of the goals of our program Center Stage and what people say is one of the biggest take-aways from the program. If you think you could improve your stage presence and communication skills, give us a call to find out more information.