Financial Presentations

Given that data is the new currency and numbers are important data, Center Stage provides a framework to put data into a meaningful context.

Financial presentations during company meetings are often dull affairs. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a matter of making sure your delivery skills are engaging and that you know how to put your numbers into a context for your audience that is relevant for them. Plunking numbers down on a page without putting them into context is one of the two biggest traps CFO’s and CPA’s make. Although the numbers may speak to some people, you will find that most people, even bright, well-educated people can easily become confused or misunderstand the relevance of what you’re trying to say.

The Center Stage process informs your financial employees who must deliver this important information and helps them understand how to create relevance and meaning. Center Stage helps you discern what to highlight. You can put the numbers into perspective so that those attending such meetings grasp what to do with the numbers. You learn to strike the right tone so that you are neither talking down to anyone nor talking over their heads.

With everyone aligned, decisions can be reached faster. Many times, companies will table an issue for “everyone to go back and reassess” . How much sweeter when there’s a single productive meeting versus having to repeat and call another.