Increasing Close Ratios

Increased close ratios are a meaningful measurement for many companies with active sales forces. If involved in financial services, for example, many of you host events to educate clients and prospects about how you can help them. You often determine success based on the strength of close ratios for setting new appointments. One financial services company improved closing ratios from 60-to-85% as a result of applying Center Stage to their educational events.

One reason Center Stage improves closing ratios relates back to the program’s emphasis on understanding the buyer and their needs. Even when the speaker has content they need to present, they can listen more actively, noticing energy in the room, body language, and engaging the audience through questions and small moments of participation.

When a speaker listens actively and articulates an understanding of the prospects thoughts and emotions, audiences feel more connected and tuned in to what the speaker has to offer. Developing these skills increases trust and confidence in the speaker. The idea of paying this kind of deliberate attention is often superseded by the speaker’s drive to pound data into a client’s brain-exactly the opposite of what works best to build long-lasting client relationships. Center Stage helps speakers mitigate this tendency and focus the client’s emotional weather vane instead.