Center Stage builds negotiation capability in areas other negotiation programs don’t address.

First: The Center Stage program develops and improves a negotiator’s poise and resolution. This is important, since people who are comfortable in their own skins listen to others with fewer filters and blind spots. One key to a fertile negotiation is finding a balanced outcome whereby everyone feels he received something he desired. Negotiation is about finding workable balance among the people who came to the table to work out a problem or a deal. Win-win remains a true axiom for negotiation.

Second: Center Stage training is speaker training on steroids, to coin a phrase, because it explores emotional intelligence. This means that Center Stage graduates learn to access what is important to others. They increase their empathy quotients. They learn to reach the heart of the emotional and tangible needs of the parties negotiating. Such skill- building and knowledge minimizes posturing and positioning.

Third: Center Stage explores persuasion and influence, important for moving a negotiation forward.

For all these reasons and more, Center Stage is an asset for your team to improve their negotiation capability.