Employers and managers rely today on psychological and personality tests as never before. They pronounce with authority what you do or don’t do well.

According to one highly regarded personality test, I’m “gifted” as an ” attorney, ski instructor, forester, geologist, carpenter, minister, physician, writer, architect, fine artist, musician, dentist, broadcaster”….The list goes on to mention about 30 diverse professions. Based on this test, I could be a one-person Cirque du Soleil!

In my own experimentation with “tests” to better myself, understand employees, and help clients, I’ve found tests mildly useful and mostly useless.

No “test” has ever has accurately defined any one I know. Compared to a live person, these tests are as plain as a week-old baked potato minus butter, chives, and bacon.

On the other hand, a strong indicator of a person’s mettle and meat, is our physical voices and the words we choose.

This interplay of our physical voices with our thoughts can broadcast our strengths and reason. Provided we hone these gifts, the broadcast is powerful. When we fail to tend what God and genetics has graciously provided, we may also transmit our frailties and follies.

The good news, always, is that communication is a skill. It is within your own power to master. If you haven’t tended to your communication and have been distracted by other, less meaningful baubles, consider Center Stage. There never has been a singular program any more powerful than these two days.