Project Approvals

Most firms have annual budgets. You know they don’t emerge from thin air. Budgets must be created, debated, and approved. These processes are usually stressful events for you, with multiple people involved who have numerous and competing agendas.

Center Stage empowers your employees to present their budget to senior management for final approval. It helps your employees

a) think from an executive perspective,
b) hit on the salient points from the executive’s point of view,
c) Include what is most likely to enhance their influence,
d) answer difficult questions under competitive pressure,
e) and more.

Even if everyone presenting a budget, a team of people competing against one another, all take Center Stage, armed with comparable skills and information, the confidence – boosting power of Center Stage, along with the multitude of communication techniques, means that everyone feels they are on a more just and level playing field.

On the other side of the table, the decision makers report less frustration and more satisfaction with the budget process. They tell us that once their people have prepared with the Center Stage process, the executives feel more confident in the competence of those presenting the budgets.

“Finally,” they tell us, “we’re hearing the data we need to hear to make a decision and not extraneous information that takes us off track.”