As much as we might all assume proposals to be about documents for an agreement, the most successful proposals include a verbal as well as a written component. Talking is important in the proposal process, too, as the terms of a proposal are explored and deliberated prior to the writing.

While we, at Center Stage acknowledge the importance of written proposals, we also have seen first-hand how companies who understand the value of the spoken word are even more successful than those who discount the pre-proposal discussions. In many large sales organizations, a presentation is part of the proposal process. There’s no second chance in these situations; and competition can be stiff.

Example: When Liberty Mutual insurance used the Center Stage program to prepare their national accounts sales team for the verbal proposal meeting, they closed one of the single largest accounts in the company’s history. In fact, due to just this one application of Center Stage in a bid against formidable competition, the company gained a 1600 times return on their investment. This win was with just one account. They directly attributed this victory to the Center Stage methodology.