Center Stage is essential for all sales professionals. One of the greatest benefits of Center Stage for sales forces and management is how the program leverages the strengths you already have. Rather than focusing on flaws, Center Stage helps you see strengths you may not be aware of. You can leverage what you do best to be more effective and enjoy selling more than ever. Center Stage improves confidence, relatability, and develops empathy. It addresses nervousness, brain freeze, and body language. It teaches people how to answer and deal with challenging questions. It explores the essence of persuasion and influence. It teaches an important model for decision making and uses both the science and art of communication to improves overall sales efforts.

In sales, your influence is needed to take a prospect from where they are, which is rarely on the same page as you, and build such rapport that they naturally fall in sync with your ideas. It is not about manipulation. Instead, it is about understanding where the prospect is coming from emotionally, what bothers them, and learning how to fit what you have to offer – relative to all the other solutions they could be looking at – into what they genuinely need. It’s as if prospects have key holes or needs and you have the right keys or solutions. When you learn techniques to do this authentically and gracefully, when you can avoid upsets if your products are not the best fit and can move on without it becoming a rejection and dragging you down, well, when you can apply ideas such as these and do it from a place of strength, sales efforts result in more economic and emotional payoff. Your prospects will take actions, and even those who may have said “no,” may well return.