Scientific, Medical, and Professional Conferences

Today, most professionals have been exposed to the Ted-type talks where even physicians and other researchers communicate key ideas with passion, pact, and brevity. The Ted-type talks have raised the bar for everyone who presents.

Ironic as it may appear at first blush, there is a common pattern among all professionals in the same field attending industry meetings: They report candidly how they often don’t understand what a speaker is trying to say. It doesn’t matter if they are economists, physicists, physicians, or scientists.

Your speaker may make unrealistic assumptions about the audience’s level of knowledge in his specific wheelhouse of expertise. He may read notes without relating to the audience or make other faux pas.

Center Stage improves conference speakers by

a) Showing them how to position content in a context everyone can relate to,
b) Providing the skills to connect with the audience from the front of the room,
c) Avoiding acronyms whenever possible,
d) Simplifying the material,
e) Making sure the visuals are legible,
f) And more.

Making complicated information interesting and put it into a usable context takes a lot of skill and the right kind of effort many of your speakers have never received. The tools provided in Center Stage will help your presenters position their information so the audience is far more likely to full grasp, remember, and use the information.