Social Media

One of the more recent applications of Center Stage applies to social media content-especially for executives who appear on video. Center Stage is well known for improving:

a) self-confidence,
b) authenticity,
c) and your ability to think quickly and adapt professionally no matter what unexpected things come your way.

These qualities are golden in social media. Especially with video-related social media, this is true.

Over the last several decades, many executives and other leaders have become accustomed to a communications department that scripts every word. Careful scripting is not always possible with the needs and spirit of social media. Expediency and a quick response are. Done well, quick responses increase credibility. After taking Center Stage your executives and organization learn to speak eloquently, naturally, and effectively. They can do it on the spot and on the fly.
At a recent conference, the CEO of Walmart was a shining example of how important it is for a CEO to be brave and comfortable enough to use a medium such as Facebook Live to reach more than 100,000 employees.

Especially in times of crises, one live posting on social media can enhance or diminish a company’s trust quotient. Knowing the Center Stage skills greatly improves the odds of a positive outcome.