Television appearances are one of the more difficult mediums for effective expression. A meeting room, conference hall, or stage are much easier. There are many reasons why TV presents such a big challenge:
a) the sound-bite nature of broadcasting,
b) the smallness of the screen where every gesture looks bigger than a 10-gallon hat,
c) the inability to move around because you are stuck being captive to the cameras,
d) and more.

Challenge that it may be, television isn’t going away. It still provides news, education, information, and opportunities for crises management. Many of our clients have used Center Stage to help them become more effective on television talk shows and interviews. The Dr. Phil Show, Bloomberg, NBC, and CNN are a few examples of national television where Center Stage clients have appeared.

Center Stage’s CEO frequently speaks as a pundit for breaking news and was a journalist for a leading newspaper. She spent time at CBS’s studios in California studying the medium. She understands the challenges of the small space, camera limitations, and questions that are either boring or designed to rile you.

Since you never know when the newsroom is going to call, you must be ready in advance. Nor can one predict when a crisis means that you must speak to a tragedy. You must be ready in advance, not after the triggering event. If Center Stage is under your belt, you will be.