Political Speeches

Considering how Center Stage improves the skills of influence and persuasion as well as building on a person’s strengths, it is no surprise that political campaign managers frequently use Center Stage to help a candidate with a political campaign. The application of Center Stage is successful when a candidate is open to improving their skills and receptive to learning new ideas that could make a big difference.

For one interesting example, a highly successful trial attorney was running for a judge’s position. His campaign manager feared that some of the tactics he’d learned as a trial attorney were not going to help him when he spoke to the newspaper boards and other media. As a trial attorney, his radar was set to skeptical, but quickly changed to great interest as he learned the unique approach of Center Stage. When he met with the newspaper board, he received a positive report in spite of running against a well-thought of incumbent. He won the election and continues to be a well-respected judge to this day. He said that the Center Stage experience taught him nuances about his own communication that he’d previously been unaware of and was grateful for what he learned that made a difference in the campaign process.